Module by Martyn Read

Alpha will be a 7′ long straight module formed of two 3’6″ boards , one end is 18″ wide (matching the single track modular standard) and the other end 20″ wide (matching the double track modular standard) – there will be a relatively large turnout to go from double to single track to imply a main line atmosphere. Click on the image above for a slightly better view.

The module will feature two industries – at the upper side is two spurs which serve Alpha Packaging (giving the module’s name) – this is a company that makes packaging materiel for various other businesses.

Railborne flows for Alpha Packaging include inbound paper and card (boxcars) – inbound plastic pellets (large covered hoppers), corn starch for glue (pressure discharge covered hoppers) and outbound packing materiel (more boxcars)

On the other side of the tracks is space for a scrapyard, giving another railborne traffic flow, there will also be room for a couple of “non rail” small businesses and a couple of “wrong side of the tracks” houses.

More to come as it develops.

Latest construction photo’s

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